Souls of Syrians

2013-2016. From Bulgaria to Germany, the journey od 21-year-old Syrian refugee Mohamad, who dreams to return home as a reporter.

Souls of Syrians (part2)

Germany, 2016. Cultural adaptation to German life is a long process, a compromise with the preservation of their own identity.

Hold the breath

Italy, 2013-2016. Time seems to have stopped at the Industrial Revolution. The backdrop is that of the steel-work hub in Taranto.

Crossing Balkan madness

Greece, Fyrom, Serbia, 2015. Asylum seekers have been surprised by the events which have occurred amid the madness of the Balkans.

FYROM - Walking through fear

Greece, FYROM 2015. I joined a group of Syrian refugees forced to walk through woods in order to investigate assailments in FYROM.

Lesvos - Both sides of the postcard

Greece, 2015. The birthplace of the poetess Sappho is a pleasant haven for tourists, but a nightmarish landing for asylum seekers.

Suppressed favelas

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2015. The pacification program launched in 2008 inside favelas has led people to a difficult coexistence.

Ako Bog da (If God allows)

BIH 2010-2014. Adis was 13 when a land mine nearly killed him, since his son’s birth he is living the best time of his life.

Here, but somewhere else

BGR 2014. The memories of these young men are captured in time, as in space. Hence, they remain pending. Here, but somewhere else.


Moldova and Transnistria, 2014. Lands, identities and people divided between a pro-Europe western and a pro-Russia east.

Proslost je i dalje prisutna ovdje

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014. The past is still present here, as Balkans produce more history that the EU can digest.

The Bosnian Identity

Bosnia, 2009-2012. A journey into the memory of Bosnia, a nation still locked in a transition between past and future.

White boarders

Italy, 2013. The candid stretches of snow-fields amid thick mist and white snow-covered valleys appear as imaginary places.

A silent scream for life

Croatia 2009-2012. After the World War II that which had once been a castle for nobility became a hospital for long-term patients.

Soaked through

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2011. The changing landscape of the country overflown by the river Trebisnjica.

Back and forth

New York, 2010. An urban farm in the Bronx, where more than 1500 clients work together to realize the hopes of rehabilitation.

The rom ghetto

Croatia, 2009. It is more than likely that many do not openly declare to being Rom for fear of latent racial discrimination.

Castles made of playing cards

Abruzzo, Italy 2009-2010. Castles made of playing-cards are an authentic illusion. They are unrealised desires, buried dreams.

Living quarters

Italy, 2009-2010. The disused classrooms of an Art School became a place where the stories of 90 families are interwoven.

Home sweet homeless

Italy, 2007-11. In 2003 Patrizia became part of the 1.600.000 people who hardly managed to find decent accommodation in the world.